congrats! now breath...


Getting engaged is wonderful and exciting life event. But, inevitably, it leads to planning a wedding. For some people, planning is just as exciting and a wonderful way to bond with your betrothed as well as family and friends. For's a reason not to get married at all: the stress, the choices, the arguments. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be like that. Yes you still have to make decisions and yes there will still be tense moments but if you have a plan the stress can be managed and you might even get to enjoy your season of engagement and the planning of your wedding. 

Here are some questions for you and your betrothed to answer in hopes of starting to create a plan:

  • What kind of affair do we want to host? 
    • formal, semi-formal, relaxed, themed, etc
  • What kind of atmosphere do we want our guest to feel? What kind of mood do we want to set? 
    • energetic, relaxed, cozy, regal, etc 
    • it can be more than one, but try to keep it to three
  • What kind of designs are we as a couple inspired by?
    • colors, patterns, shapes, iconic images or shapes
    • gather any and all design examples that inspire you. take notice of repeat inspirations and start to narrow in on what both of you feel tells your story the best

Once you and your betrothed have a plan and idea that both of you feel good about, stick to it! Use it as a sort of "style guide." It can also help to get friends and family on board early on so there are less wrenches later on. 

If anything, make sure you and your love take some time to pause and relax. Try to enjoy the time between the "yes" and "i do." The time goes by fast, and it can be lots of fun if you let it!